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Breast-Rx Review

Breast-Rx is a natural breast enhancement pill.  Claims abound that this is the first product of its kind to be endorsed by physicians and herbalists from around the world.  It contains the 10 key phyto-estrogens that promote estrogen response and stimulate breast tissue growth.

Breast-Rx claims to increase breast size by up to 2 full cup sizes within months.  This is attributed to their unique ingredient formula, which includes plant-based derivatives like Fenugreek extract, Dong Quai, Damiana, L-Tyrosine, Mexican wild yam, Kelp powder and Saw Palmetto.  These ingredients are also reported to cause other medical benefits, such as:

Increased energy, sexual libido and desire

Improved skin elasticity – making skin appear smoother, softer, and more radiant

Increased nail strength, hardness and growth

Alleviation of menopausal symptoms including dry skin, fatigue and hot flashes

Relief from PMS symptoms including irritability, cramps and water weight gain

Considerations About Breast-Rx

Before buying any breast enhancement product, you should seek out as much information as possible to help you make a smart choice.  Here is some additional information about Breast-Rx:

Shipping and billing.  Natural breast augmentation products can be embarrassing for some women to order, and therefore many companies who produce them advertise discreet delivery and billing options.  Breast-Rx makes no mention of such discretion in their fulfillment policies.

1-year money-back guarantee.  If you're unhappy with your results, you can email the company for refund information and instructions.  Note that you will not be refunded for shipping and handling fees.

Limited contact information.  There is no physical address listed on the company's website, only a telephone number and email address.  The website contains no 2010 copyright information, meaning they may not be legitimate.  There is also no information listed about where Breast-Rx is manufactured, which can pose a red flag about product quality.

Lack of clinical studies.  Despite Breast-Rx's claims about being clinically approved, there are no medical endorsements or information about clinical study results listed on their website.

Their rich natural ingredient formula is reported to offer a wealth of health benefits to women, in addition to enhancing their breast size.  However, due to the overall suspicious look of their website and failure to substantiate their endorsement claims, we advise you to conduct further research before investing in Breast-Rx.

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