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Where to download Resource Hacks and cheats for Clash of Clans ?

Have you ever wondered why some players seem to be unbeatable and always have more resources and experience than you? You may think they are pro or very good players but there is a big chance that they are simply using Resource Hacks or other kind of cheats. Resources in Clash of Clans is the raw material that allows improvements of your village and your troops. At the moment there are four resources: gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems, but it is possible that more types of resources will appear in this game.

Resources you can obtain by extraction or what is generally easier and faster, stealing from other players. Here you will find a compilation of tips and strategies on how to get the resources.

All resources, less gems, are stored in warehouses. Each resource has its particular almacan. If the stores to fill up, the amount of the resource that you are going to steal or produce above the total capacity of warehouses, will be lost.

Resources can not be passed between players, as it does with the troop. Although you will be leftovers you and your friend of the clan will suffer from shortage of any resources, cannot you passed it.


Gold, also called as coins, is used to buy and improve City Hall, stores and extractors of elixir, walls, defenses (cannons, mortars, archers etc), bombs and traps and also produce spells. To speed up the process you can find some  good cheat codes to get gold for free.

With gold the cost of attacking a village of enemy, is paid the price will depend on the level of the Town Hall.


The purple exlirir is the primary resource for creating the majority of the troops, from the most basic as barbarians until the pekkas, that are more advanced. In addition the elixir is used to get and improve buildings such as barracks, camps, mines and oror stores and raise levels of troops and spells in the laboratory.
The elixir is also required to eliminate obstacles such as trees, mushrooms, stones etc.

Dark Elixir

The dark elixir is the only available remedy for more advanced with the Town Hall players 7 or higher - read full article. This resource is used to buy the troop of dark elixir (as minions, the montapuercos, the Valkyries and the golems.

In addition to the dark elixir you can create and improve the heroes such as the barbarian King and la Arquera Queen.


Gems is the only resource that cannot be removed or steal from other players. There are different ways to get the gems. You can get free gems using some cheat codes to help you out.
Gems is used to avoid having to wait that long to finish improvements and constructions.

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